Best Place to buy lol accounts reddit

Best places for buying lol accounts on Reddit

The best Places for buying LoL Accounts on Reddit

Discover the best place to buy lol Accounts Reddit. We checked the Top 3 Subreddits that you can use to buy or sell League of Legends Accounts.

The number one subreddit on our Top List for buying lol account is GamingMarket. When joining GamingMarkets Subreddit you have the ability to create a post looking for an Account with the flair “Buying” or look for Flairs that include “Selling”. GamingMarket is the biggest Subreddit at the moment when it comes to buying lol accounts and buying lol smurfs.

The second best place to buy lol smurfs reddit is LoLAccountTrading. Compared to GamingMarket this subreddit is only for trading or buying lol accounts. The size is not as big as GamingMarket but all 2000 Members joined particular to buy lol smurfs on reddit or sell them.

League Market is our number 3 on our list when it comes to buying lol account reddit. With 1200 Members it is a bit smaller than LoLAccountTrading but really active. You will definately find the lol account you need here or sell one.

How to buy League of Legends Accounts on Subreddits?

When you’re looking to buy a lol Account on Reddit you simply join one of the 3 Best subreddits to buy league of legends Accounts and filter for the newest posts. At the right section most of the Reddit Communities have a flair option that you can click to select wether you’re buying or selling a lol Accounts.

In terms of buying an Account you should select “Selling” since people who sell their Accounts use this in their Post.

Best place to buy lol Accounts Reddit. Reddit Buying lol Accounts Flair. Selling lol Accounts reddit.
Things you should take care of when buying lol accounts on reddit
  • Accounts that have been verified can always be recovered by the original owner
  • Make sure that you either get the E-Mail Address of the Mail that is linked to the Account or buy an unverified one.
  • Contact the Seller and find out how he acts to determine if hes trustworthy or not. You can’t always be sure but it helps asking certain questions to see if hes wiling to sell it for a much lower price. That’s often the case when they sell Accounts to recover them to sell them again.
  • Don’t pay too much for the Account. Compare the prices of similar Accounts.
  • Decide for yourself if you want to buy a fresh blank Smurf Account and spend a few Bucks more for Champions & Skins and have the Account with a 100% safety or pay a bit less and always have the risk to lose the Account.

How to sell League of Legends Accounts on Reddit?

The steps to sell your League of Legends Account on Reddit are similar to buying but envolves more Information from your side. First of all you have to pick a subreddit from the best places to buy lol accounts reddit and join it. Afterwards you have to create a Post with the Flair “Selling”. It’s always good to include pictures in your Reddit Post to show off some details of the lol account you want to sell.

List of Details you should try to include in your selling post
  • Images of the Account (special Skins, Rank etc.)
  • Region of the Account
  • Level of the Account
  • Honor Level
  • Current Rank of the Account or MMR
  • Amount of Blue Essence
  • Amount of Riot Points
  • Amount of Champions (A list is great too but envolves alot of work)
  • Amount and types of Skins (The best skins that the Account has)
  • Skin shards
  • Orange Essence
  • Refunds Remaining
  • Information about the Verified/Unverified Status of the E-Mail
  • Reason to for you to sell your League of Legends Account on Reddit

Heres a sample of how it could be done:

Best Place to buy lol Accounts Reddit


Buying and Selling League of Legends Accounts is a great thing. You can find the perfect Account for a moderate Price if you’re Lucky.
However i want to point out, that theres always the possibility on reddit that your new Account can be recovered. Everyone has to make their own decission on this. I personally like to buy either Handleveled Fresh LoL Accounts or botted from the Best sellers on and spent the Extra Money you can safe using Smurfprices on Skins or Champions. That way you can always sleep tight without having to worry about losing your Account.

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Best Place to buy lol Accounts Reddit

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