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Handleveled LoL Accounts

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Handleveled LoL Accounts

League of Legends Handleveled Accounts

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, having a smurf account can offer a variety of advantages. However, not all smurf accounts are created equal. We will explore the concept of handleveled smurf accounts and why they are a smart choice over botted accounts.

Before delving into the differences between handleveled and botted accounts, let’s briefly define what a smurf account is. In LoL, a smurf account refers to an alternate account created by an experienced player with the intention of playing at a lower skill level than their main account. The purpose of a smurf account can vary, ranging from practicing new champions, playing with friends of lower skill levels, or simply experiencing a more relaxed gaming environment.

Handleveled lol Smurf Accounts:

Handleveled smurf accounts are accounts that have been manually leveled up by experienced players. Instead of resorting to automated botting software or services, handleveled accounts are meticulously played by skilled individuals who invest time and effort to reach the desired level. These accounts are typically leveled up in a legitimate and organic manner, simulating the progress of a new player gradually improving their skills.

Advantages of Handleveled lol Accounts:
  1. Legitimacy and Security: Handleveled smurf accounts are created through legitimate gameplay, adhering to the game’s terms of service. As a result, they are far less likely to be flagged by anti-cheat systems or banned, ensuring a safer and more secure gaming experience.
  2. Quality Assurance: Handleveled accounts are played by experienced LoL players who understand the game’s mechanics, strategies, and nuances. Consequently, the accounts are more likely to have higher win rates, better skill progression, and improved matchmaking quality compared to botted accounts.
  3. Botted accounts, on the other hand, are created using automated botting software or services. These programs simulate gameplay without human intervention, often resulting in accounts with artificially inflated statistics and skill levels. While botted accounts may appear enticing due to their low prices and instant availability, they come with several disadvantages:
Disadvantages of Botted Accounts:
  1. Risk of Detection and Bans: Botted accounts are susceptible to detection by anti-cheat systems, which can lead to permanent bans. Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, actively combat the use of botted accounts, and any account found to be using such methods faces severe consequences.
  2. Poor Matchmaking Quality: Botted accounts often have skewed win rates and inflated skill ratings, which can result in unfair matchmaking. This not only ruins the experience for others but also hampers your own growth as a player.
  3. Unethical and Exploitative Practices: Supporting the use of botted accounts indirectly encourages unethical practices in the gaming industry, such as account hacking, gold farming, and account theft. By purchasing handleveled accounts, you can contribute to a healthier and more ethical gaming environment.
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