buying a lol account on reddit

All you need to know before you buy a lol account on reddit

buying a lol account on reddit

Introduction – Buying lol Accounts on Reddit

While it may seem tempting to buy lol accounts reddit, there are several risks involved. In this post, we will highlight the potential dangers of buying used accounts and why it is much safer to purchase a new account from a trusted seller like We want to point out the reasons for you before you make the decission to a buy an account from there.

Places to buy a lol account on reddit

There are many different subreddits where you can buy a lol account from other users on reddit. Here are the most known subreddits:

Things you should keep in mind before buying a lol account on reddit:

Account safety and secutiry

The safety and security of your account should be your top priority when playing League of Legends. Buying a used account from a random Reddit user puts your account at risk since you have no knowledge of its history, including past compromises or bans. This can lead to hacking, banning, or theft.

Unreliable account information

Another significant risk of buying a used League of Legends account is that the information provided by the seller may not be reliable. The account’s level, rank, and other details may be falsely advertised, leading you to purchase an account that is not as advertised. Additionally, the seller may fail to provide the account’s login credentials, making it impossible for you to access the account.

There are thousands of cases where players have been scammed with this trick.

buy lol account reddit and got scammed

Lack of customer support

You will not have access to customer support when you buy a lol account on reddit. If you encounter any issues with the account, such as being unable to access it, you will have to rely on the seller’s goodwill to help you out. Unfortunately, most random Reddit sellers are not reliable and may not be willing to help you out.

Conclusion – The better alternative

Buying a used League of Legends account from a random Reddit user may seem quick and easy for a head start with many skins and high Elo, but the risks outweigh the benefits. It’s safer to purchase a new account from All sellers listed are offering guaranteed safety and reliable information. In addition to that a great customer support, and compliance with the game’s terms.

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